And so we begin!

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Hi all!

As I sit here and wonder where to even begin, I realise I kind of already have! Writing my own blog is an idea I have always toyed around with in my head but resorted to the same ole way of thinking, ‘I don’t have time’.

Let me paint you a little visual, I am in my kitchen, surrounded by the hustle and bustle of my four children and two dogs, preparing their breakfast whilst killing each other and here I am wondering if I have lost my mind, is now really a good time to start writing my first blog? Is there ever a good time to start anything? Really?

I am never one to shy away from a challenge so hopefully by the end of this post no children or animals will be harmed in the making of it!

Writing is something I do regularly through journaling which I find very therapeutic, so I thought why not bring that element of my life to my readers/followers. I love this idea of taking time to sit down and give people an in dept analysis of a product I have been loving or not so much but explaining why. For me social media is such an amazing tool for my business, I get to showcase my capabilities as a professional makeup artist but it has also opened up a space for me to translate my love of the beauty industry and all it has to offer.

That is predominantly what I will be doing here, reviewing products, the good, the bad and everything in-between. My approach to brands and their products has always been one that is very transparent. If I do not like a product, I will contact the brand, thank them, and give them feedback as to why I did not like it or an explanation as to why it wouldn’t fit my content. When I do like a product you will know about it! Trust me!

So, on that note I shall return to the madness that surrounds me, I must admit that was relatively painless! You never know I might just pop on here every now and again to add in one of my soul sessions! They are proving to be particularly popular over on my stories. Who does not love a good dose of reality?

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I promise the next one will be much more informative and as always, I value your feedback so please do not be shy!

Always trying something new!

S x

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