I have an announcement!!

Hello Friday!

Sitting with giddy excitement and nerves as I put into words what I have been up to the past few weeks. The words ‘A LOT’ spring to mind!!! The pandemic situation had both a positive and negative effect on me both personally and professionally. I lost my job basically, but I gained a new confidence in myself that I never realised existed. I found time and space to allow my true self to come through so for that I am grateful however it also allowed me time to see what was going on in the world around me, see situations for what they were and discover a little more about people and their actions, for a while I allowed this to distract me from what I wanted to do, my focus was in the wrong place with the wrong people and the wrong mind frame.

Here is where it all changed, I listened to the right people, surrounded myself with those that shout my success form the rooftops but are equally there to guide me through the hard times! I found myself again and I have to say it has been quite the journey and still is. It gave me the strength to come off my anxiety medication and talk about it publicly, it gave me the strength to deliver projects and collaborations but it also gave me the strength to remove myself from the said negative mind frame I allowed people build in my head! I felt imprisoned by other people’s mindsets and issues, being an empath really did not help matters either!!

I am here to tell you something, people will always try to imitate you, try to be better than you but one thing is for sure they will never succeed, why I hear you ask… because they can NEVER be you! That is your trick, your ace card, no matter what you do they can never do it better, its not theirs, it’s YOURS, become your own competition, become the best version of yourself and amazing things will happen, I promise you, you will be shocked at what you can achieve. Finally, that leads me to what I have been up to…get on with it Sandra!!


For a while now I have been approached by different brands to take on Brand Ambassador roles, the entire idea of a BA role never really sat very well with me. I felt like it would restrict me and who I am. I am a creative, I cannot allow my mind to become stuck or allow my creativity to be dictated by the push of a sale. It makes me itch as I sit here at the thoughts of having to work like that! I knew I wanted to work alongside these brands (as I always have) and continue that professional relationship we have built but it needed to work for me but also for you guys, my followers, the reason why I do all of this!

I am so connected to this idea it feels 100% right, we are all going to benefit from this in some way, shape or form. This is an extension of bringing My Makeup Movement online. I wanted to reinforce my mission in making makeup easier, more understandable but ultimately simpler. When I sat down to my 1-1 Zoom lessons and heard the concerns of the women repeatedly, I had to find a way to change the mindset of makeup being complicated to makeup being easy and enjoyable.

I love makeup but I love the feeling it gives people even more. I want everyone to experience that feeling daily. I am proud to say I have opened an online webstore where I will be selling all of my favourite, tried and tested products, there will be something for everyone but the best part is, it will be forever evolving. As of today, I will be selling all of my favourite Crownbrush brushes and as of next week I am delighted to let you all know that my first two brands I have partnered up with are Note Cosmetics and Kiss Lashes.

I plan on monthly looks where you can watch the look on my stories, they will be linked to all the products and tools on my web store. Ultimately, I have taken the work out of it for ye, but I have also invested in the products to show my true love for them. I have taken the risk to deliver a simple guide in achieving a makeup look. Brand is happy as I am buying from them, you guys will be happy as it is all in the one place whilst coming from a very honest space and lastly I am happy as I get to teach you techniques and help you reinvent/invent your love for makeup.

I will be continuing as normal on my page with my regular content, I feel there are infinite possibilities with this system, and I am so excited to watch it grow and evolve. Inspiration, choice making, and creativity are so important to me, I need these to be free to realise the power of my intent, endless possibilities lie ahead, I’d love you to be part of my journey!

Come join me at 4pm where I will fill you in a little more as to what I have instore! Today I will be demoing my Crown brushes alongside one of my favorite companies Trndbty, I will be showing how to use those amazing LA girl concealers and lots more. The entire demo can be purchased on my landing page (one especially for me and my faves eeekkk) at Trndbty, you are not going want to miss that, remember what happened the cream blushers two weeks ago!! Today is the start of a new chapter for Sandra Gillen Makeup. I hope you love this idea as much as I do!

When you put your mind to something the opportunities are endless!

S x

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